Focus on the Value in Your Diagnosis

Type 1 Diabetes has made me cry on multiple occasions.

It has made me smile on many occasions.

It has made me tough beyond words, even my skin has grown tougher.

It has taught me lesson after lesson in love, in life, in hard times.

It has taught me to be patient and kind.

I go through pain and the hard times in silence, as many people do. It has taught me to be understanding.

It has taught me not to expect perfection, especially if I haven’t put the work in.

It has taught me to put in effort even when you’re on the floor at 3 in the morning feeling light headed, dizzy, and you’re shaking so much it feels like an earthquake is going on in your bones.

It has broken me down, but I learned to have the willpower to let it build me up more often than the former.

My brain tends to overthink things. Sometimes getting out of bed to take my shots seemed like the hardest thing in the world. Truth is, it isn’t.

Type 1 diabetes gives you a million reasons to cry, scream, and hate yourself because of it.

But what if you didn’t let it? What if you simply allowed it to change your view on life and the world, and began to see it as a positive?

Take the time and write down some of the things you love about it, there has to be some. Even make a list of the things you hate if it will help. Just recognize the positives and hold onto those with all your might. Recognize that sometimes it will just downright suck more than anything, but also remember how good you feel when your number shows up in the 100 range. Remember that “YES!” moment and hold onto it with your whole being. Embrace T1D with hope and determination in one hand and insulin in the other. 

Remember the positives, and you will be okay.

10 comments on “Focus on the Value in Your Diagnosis

  • Becky , Direct link to comment

    I agree with you about finding the good. There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. I’m thankful that I’m more self aware and I take such good care of my body because of this disease.

  • Judy Houlihan , Direct link to comment

    Well written! Your honesty & openness will benefit many Delaney.
    As well as help all of us who do not have a clue as to what it is like
    having diabetes. You are an incredible woman Delaney and
    I am proud to be your aunt. Keep up the great work Sweetie!!
    Love ya, Aunt Judy

  • Deni , Direct link to comment

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and what your life is like with t1d. It really hits home. My son was diagnosed November 2015. At the time I had no idea it was National Diabetes Awareness Month. I found the Delaney Blue Wine on social media, during my search to find support, and to understand what life is like for others with t1d. It’s been a whirlwind of a ride, and everyday brings some kind of struggle, because life doesn’t stop. I wish I could trade places with him everyday and feeling so powerless is the worst part of this disease.

    I hope one day that my son can make a contribution by educating family, friends, and strangers that just don’t understand the disease by sharing what he is going through as well.

    By the way, this is a really interesting way to raise awareness and funds! I hope to try the wine soon.

  • 720p , Direct link to comment

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